Platform94 is a Centre of Excellence for Scaling Tech Businesses

We support companies in their mission to scale of the region and reach your growth and global ambition.

We know what it takes to
scale up.

We will provide access to the knowledge, network, funding and supports that will unlock and enable companies to scale and build thriving businesses in the West.

  • Innovation & Leadership

    We aim to be world class leaders in providing knowledge and supports for scaling a businesss and supporting initiatives that are at the leading edge of tech industry.

  • Commercial Impact

    Our core job is to create environment where businesses can scale and grow in the west of Ireland and bring high value jobs to the region.

  • Deep Global Connections

    We connect people with organisations and influencers on a local and global level to plug them in to the right people, organisations and funds.

  • Community & Culture

    We want to create a thriving culture of creativity and connection for scaling businesses to share ideas. We are building a community of likeminded ambitious people who support each other to grow.

Why we do it

  • Our region has an abundance of research and innovation strengths, and our role is to support the ideas, people and projects that are transforming the region and taking us to a new tomorrow.
  • Scaling or growing your business is complex. We exist to help people to navigate the process.
  • Innovation will drive growth and create jobs in our region if we create the right environment to unlock it.

Who we work with

Scaling is a science. Moving into a new market, restructuring for growth, new product development; almost all problems of a scaling business have been faced by someone before.

As you grow, you’ll need specialist support beyond your immediate team. Our Client Scaling Manager is here to help you with business plan execution, access to finance channels , preparation for pitching and case building and support with skills development, talent identification and recruitment.

Our Regional Outreach Manager through collaboration, connects ideas, people and projects to help you accelerate your growth.

We engage with innovative businesses and entrepreneurs, higher education institutions, research technology organisations, investors, public funders and other partners within the local innovation ecosystem.

What makes us unique

We have education programmes that are designed specifically to help the talent in your business access the EXPERTISE you need to scale your business more effectively.

We have worked with hundreds of tech businesses over the last 30 years and have built a thriving COMMUNITY of entrepreneurs and innovators that you can plug into to support you on your growth journey.

We have a global and local NETWORK of experts in tech, funding and scaling. We will work with you to get you access to the people and organisations YOU need to grow your business.

Platform 94 Launchpad Series

The Launchpad series is integral to our mission to accelerate and nurture businesses at the scale-up phase. The Platform 94 Launchpad series runs once every 2 months and will bring quality speakers and topics to our members ranging from Funding Advisory, Preparing and Perfecting your Pitch, VC Do’s and Don’t’s, Talent Attraction and retention, Marketing for success and Get Export Ready. We hope to bring together like-minded entrepreneurs allowing for a collaborative environment to be nurtured.

Contact our Client Scaling Manager Brian Muldoon, for further information on any of the above programs.


Platform94, Mervue Business Park, Galway, Ireland.

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